Thursday, November 16, 2017

Dear Mama,

Edgar is now a licensed Electronics and Communications Engineer. He passed the board examination last October, Mama. I'm sure you're proud of him and you're smiling as you look down on us from up there. It would have a great celebration if only you are still here with us, Mama.

Angel is studying well. I'm sure you know she already has a boyfriend, but that is not causing any problem with her studies, at least not now. I hope they stay that way - responsible and looking after each other's studies.

Ralph is busy in his work. He goes home on weekends, although not regularly. I guess he is really enjoying his independence.

Nothing much on me, Mama. I just loss in the national speech contest of Toastmasters. I did not even earn any place. I was disqualified because I went overtime. It would have been great if only I landed even third place. I guess I am not really good at anything.

I miss you, Mama. I wish I can hold your hand right now.

I need you, Mama.

I love you.


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

I miss our family

Dear Mama,

It's been a year, I'm sorry. I really plan on deleting this space from the internet permanently because I feel like I'm only making things worse. I'm sorry, Mama. 

The last time I wrote I was feeling lost, now I am worse. I'm lost, confuse, and alone. The kids grew up and I am basically on my own. They are still with me, Mama although I feel that they are so distant. It's like I am losing my kids... especially Angel.

Mama, please tell me I am just overthinking. I never felt so alone in my life. Before, I knew I will always have the kids by my side. Now, I am no longer sure. I guess as long as I know that they are happy and secured, I should be contented with that.

I miss our kids, Mama. I miss my Angel.

I wish we are still a whole family.

I miss our family, Mama. I miss us. I miss you.

If only we could all be together again.

I love you, Mama.