Sunday, January 25, 2009

A terrible headache

Dear Mama,

Last Saturday, I had the most terrible headache I felt in my entire life. I was literally crying in pain Mama. I was restless and didn't know what to do. Angel was telling me to take medicine, but I knew biogesic won't help that time, and there are no mefenemic acid available at the sari-sari stores here.

It was just me, Angel and Edgar then. I don't want to send Edgar to the drugstore which is located at the highway to buy mefenemic. Ralph was still in school then.

It was terrible Mama. My nape aches, my sinus seems to be clogged, and any moving things I see then makes me dizzy. When I can't bear the pain anymore, I asked Angel to call at Sta. Teresita and tell Nanay to bring me mefenemic acid.

An hour after I took the medicine, I felt better. But there were still pain, although tolerable.

I don't know what it's all about Mama, maybe it's the eyes or a high BP. But it started after I used the computer for about an hour. Nanay told me to go to the doctor for a check-up.

You know what's funny Mama? I was even calling you then as I was crying in pain. I was really hoping you would come. But of course, we know it's not possible.

That will be all for now Mama. The children are already in school now. Take care of yourself. I love you Mama.

I miss you.


Friday, January 23, 2009

A letter... after a long while...

Dear Mama,

How are you? I'm sorry for not writing for quite a long time. It was something I did on purpose Mama. I am trying not to write when I don't have any good news to say to you.

So far, the only good news I can tell you is that the kids are fine. None of them are getting sick, although I feel occasional headache every now and then.

I really wish I can talk to you Mama. There are some things that just can't be written.

I miss your embrace.

Take care of yourself Mama.

I love you.


Monday, January 12, 2009

I miss you...

I miss you Mama...

I wish you were here...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Playing chess with Ralph... and Canada documents

Dear Mama,

Tonight I was able to play a few games of chess with Ralph. It was quite a break for me, because we've been getting on each others' nerve again lately. It was fun Mama, although engaging him in a chess match isn't as easy when he was younger.

I hope he will be able to develop his passion Mama. If only I were a better player I can provide him more training.

I have also checked the documents for Canada Mama. I haven't touched them for quite sometime, I still need to get a lot of certifications and other proofs to complete all the requirements. If it weren't for Angel, I wouldn't be doing this Mama. But I know, this is what's best for her.

That will be all for now Mama. Take care of yourself. I miss you Mama.

I love you.


Friday, January 9, 2009

Angel's 11th birthday...

Dear Mama,

Today was just an ordinary day, aside from it being Angel's 11th birthday. The kids went to school, and I was alone at home as usual. Although after school, when the kids are all here, we went out and watched a movie as I have promised Angel.

After the movie, they went at Tom's World where the kids played for a few minutes. I shoot some hoops with Ralph and played table hockey with Edgar. Although most of the times, I was following Angel as she was playing on the different machines.

Then we had our dinner at KFC before we finally went home. That is how we celebrated Angel's birthday Mama. And I even have to run to Tatay in the morning to borrow money so I can take Angel to the movie. She said she enjoyed it.

Perhaps she got tired playing. She fell asleep while we were watching TV at home. Unfortunately I was not able to buy her requested gift which is an eyeglass. I wish I can get her one soon.

That's all I can tell you Mama. The kids are fine. I am fine. Please take care of yourself. I miss you Mama. I love you.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A day before Angel's birthday....

Dear Mama,

It's January 8, and tomorrow our Angel will turn 11. I thought I take her out, perhaps to the movies with Ralph and Edgar. She is excited, she is even willing to spend her 'aginaldo' to make sure we will go out tomorrow.

It's just the first week of their class after a long vacation. Next week will be Angel's examination, of course that means I need to pay her last installment on tuition fees. Unfortunately, I didn't do good last month, that's why I'm short today. I hope the school will allow us to defer payment and still have her exam.

That will be all for now Mama. I'll tell you about Angel's birthday tomorrow. Take care Mama. I love you.

I miss you.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

The children are back at school today

Dear Mama,

The kids have just left for school. After being with them for more than 2 weeks all the time at the house, I am now again left all alone Mama. Ralph will be back before lunch, unless there are school activities he has to attend to. Angel and Edgar won't be home until this afternoon.

Friday will be Angel's birthday, she said she wants to go to the movies. She is even willing to spend her 'aginaldos' to pay for the movie Mama. You know how generous and unselfish Angel can be. Our baby will 11 by then.

I really don't have much to say now Mama. I just wanted to talk to you. Take care of yourself Mama. I miss you. I love you.


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Vacation is over...

Dear Mama,

The children's Christmas vacation is over and on Monday they will be going back to school, that means I will be alone again at the house until they come home from school.

Anyway, today we were able to go to Paranaque with Nanay and Tatay. Ralph and Angel enjoyed it because they served us lots of food at Tia Suling's house. But what's more important about the trip is that Tatay was able to go back to his home again, which only happens once a year.

Next Friday, January 9, our little darling Angel will turn 11. I want to make the day special for her Mama. She have class then, maybe I can prepare something for her while she is still in school. She said she wants sunglasses for her birthday, I hope I can buy her one.

My eyelids are already closing Mama, I guess I should call it a night too. It's already 12:26 AM, the kids are already asleep. Bye for now Mama. Take care of yourself. I miss you.

I love you.