Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cramming, rushing, and Edgar's birthday

Dear Mama,

It's 2:49 AM. I'm still writing and submitting articles. Actually Mama, I started at 1 AM, I stopped last night because of occasional brownout, that's why I decided to continue it this early.

I'm still cramming Mama, trying to write as much as I can to meet my required quota. Personal quota that is, so I will earn enough to pay for my loan amortization due this month-end.

Edgar turned 14 yesterday Mama. Unfortunately, we didn't celebrate it, we just stayed at home. I hope he understands Mama. I am planning to make it up with the kids, when everything gets better... if ever they will be.

That's all for now Mama. I'll go back to writing. Take care of yourself Mama.

I miss you... hope to see you soon Mama.

I love you.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ralph's recognition day

Dear Mama,

I meant to write last night, unfortunately I got caught up with a lot of writing. Anyway, I just want to tell you Mama that Ralph got his certificate yesterday for his being included in the Dean's List last semester. There was even a recognition ceremony held at Holy Angel yesterday morning.

It was a first for me to be on stage with Ralph Mama. Finally, he got proof of his genius. I hope he continues to be serious with his studies now Mama.

Next week will be their issuance of grades for the second semester. Although, I know he can't get it yet cause we still have a balance in his tuition fee. Still haven't found any lenders yet Mama. I hope can find some miracles soon.

That's all for now Mama. By the way, Angel got a new dog. Her friend's mother gave it to her. She still don't know how to be a responsible pet owner yet, but hopefully she would be able to cope with taking care of her dog.

Take care Mama. I miss you.

I love you.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Still no luck

Dear Mama,

Still not having any luck...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

How can I make Atching Ledy pay?

Dear Mama,

School is almost over and I still haven't raised money to pay for Ralph's balance on tuition fee. I really don't see anything happening or coming to us now. Nanay already has enough concerns and I don't want to bother her anymore, Ate Let it seems already had enough of me, and I can't blame her.

The computers are still unsold and they are depreciating. The only thing that I can think of right now Mama is Atching Ledy's loan from you. How can I make her pay Mama? Even when you were here, she wouldn't pay, even though you went to her even while you're sick.

I don't hear from her anymore Mama. I hope she would come and give assurance that she would pay. The last time I saw her was during your interment, and I've never seen her since then.

If only she would pay Mama, that would give me a chance to start again because I can pay some of our debts, including Ralph's tuition fee.

Don't be surprised if I may write to you again from an internet cafe soon. Any day now, I might get my connection disconnected again. I'm already 3 or 4 months delayed in my account. I have to prioritize the kids' daily school expenses Mama. My income from writing isn't just enough. Most of the times I still have to ask money from Nanay just to see us through the next payout.

I'm sorry for bothering you like this Mama. I know I should not trouble you with things like this anymore, but I don't have anyone to talk. I wish Atching Ledy would pay Mama... I really wish.

I guess I troubled you enough Mama. Please take care of yourself. The kids are all in school having their tests right now.

I miss you Mama.

I love you.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Angel wants to take tae kwon do lessons

Dear Mama,

There is a tae kwon do gym that opened near the house, Angel wants to take tae kwon do lessons this summer.

I told her I will enroll her. She is already excited Mama. I hope I can enroll her. Remember, we are planning to enroll her in a tae kwon do class? Now there's a gym just right beside us. That is why I'm working late so that I can write more.

Today is their last week in class Mama. She is begging me to let her go with her classmates for their closing party. I still did not said yes.

That's all for now Mama.

Take care of yourself. I miss you Mama.

I love you.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

There's that feeling again...

Dear Mama,

I don't like being alone... I don't like the feeling of being alone. Everytime the children goes to school Mama, I am left alone at the house. Unless I get myself busy, crazy things enter my mind Mama...

Most of the times I am talking to you, asking you what to do. I know I won't get any answer... but how I wish I could.

Everytime I visit you at the La Pieta, I don't want to leave you anymore. I wish I could stay there and be with you forever Mama.

I miss you Mama. I wish to be with you soon...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A 'discussion' with the neighbor

Dear Mama,

I had a not-so-good discussion with our neighbor this morning. You see Mama, they've been burning leaves almost daily, their smoke are being blown toward us. Usually, I just let them especially when the kids are in school.

But today, the smoke were too thick, I can't hardly breathe Mama. And Angel is here, she is inhaling all the smoke who is already getting inside our house. Afraid that it might affect her health, I went out the talked to the neighbor and told him about the damage he's causing us.

He put out the fire Mama, but apparently he didn't take it well. Even saying that I should not get mad and should tell him nicely. I was not shouting Mama nor am I cursing. I was mad, because I really can't breathe well. He didn't like what I did. I sense a threat somewhere.

Knowing that there were plenty of them who live in that house, I mellowed a bit. But it didn't feel well Mama. I appeared that I was the one who did wrong. I noticed too that they were not Kapampangan... who knows from what province they came from.

Next time, I might go directly to the Barangay hall Mama. I need to protect the kids. That's all for now Mama, I just wanted to talk to you because I really don't feel well right now.

Take care of yourself Mama. I miss you. I love you.


Friday, March 6, 2009

School's almost over...

Dear Mama,

It's almost 9AM and Angel is still sleeping. I just let her be, anyway it's Saturday. Ralph and Edgar are already in school. Edgar have class today because they are preparing for the NAT on March 21.

In just a few weeks, school will be over Mama. I have no problem with Angel as I have already paid for her tuition fee last month. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for Ralph. They will be having their Finals exam in two weeks and we're still delayed by about two installments. I wish I can earn more money this week Mama.

Edgar's birthday is also near Mama, although I don't know if we can do something to celebrate it. As for Angel, do you know that they are planning for a closing party? They planned to go SM Clark when the school ends, it made me laugh, as if I will allow her to go by herself.

I guess I need to wake Angel up now Mama. Take care of yourself. I miss you Mama. I love you.