About this blog

I really do not know if I should even write an About page for this personal blog, but since Blogger has a separate Page feature, I figured it won’t hurt to add one, especially for those who just came here for the first time.

As stated in the sidebar of this blog, I created this in April 2008 as a way of reaching out to my wife who left us early to prepare our place in heaven.

Honestly, I never had any intention then of creating a blog like this before because I already have a personal blog. But feeling alone and out of frustration, I wrote my first letter because I had no one to talk to. Since then this blog has been my channel of communication to my wife where I tell her our activities... our worries... our joys... our pains... everything!

I was always hoping that these letters are actually reaching her and she reads each and every of them.

I would like to believe that there might actually be an internet to heaven.

I hope.