Saturday, January 17, 2015

Dear Mama,

We were able to celebrate Angel's birthday yesterday. It was just a simple but a whole day celebration, Mama. In the morning, I prepared beef nachos for our brunch. I also prepared "tiramisu" before we left home to watch a movie. After watching the movie, we went to a Korean restaurant as requested by Angel. When we arrived home in the evening, we then ate the refrigerator cake I made before we left.

I was glad we were able to celebrate Angel's birthday, Mama. Not as big as she deserves it to be, you know party and all that, but at least we had some bonding time. Ralph was with us and also his girlfriend. 

Angel will be graduating in high school this March and then enter college. Time really flies so fast, Mama. It will not be long when all three of our kids will have a life of their own. It will not be long when they will be leaving home soon. I just hope I did a decent job in raising them. I just wish I was a better father, and a mother, to them. They deserve it.

That will be all for now, Mama. I miss you, Mama. I love you.