Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sorry for not writing, Mama

Dear Mama,

I'm really sorry for not writing for quite a while. I wasn't intentional. You know we were very busy these past few days about our grade school reunion, accompanying our balikbayan friends around town and also I was busy thinking about my book. And when I got the opportunity to log in to my computer, I would write articles to make up for the lost time because I needed to raise money. I'm really sorry, Mama. I hope you understand.

The reunion went well. I would say it was successful. Our teachers were very happy to see their former students and it was also an opportunity for them to reunite with their former colleagues. Sure glad it went well, Mama.

Now, I only need to worry about my book. I still do not have a place for the planned book launching nor the money to pay for the event. I am even thinking about not pushing through with the book launch. I do not know how to ask for sponsors because I don't know what to offer them. Oh well...

It's the kids summer vacation, and soon it will be enrollment again. Another concern for me. I guess that would be for another letter. I have burdened you enough.

Please take care of yourself, Mama. I miss you.

I love you.