Thursday, February 24, 2011

Edgar's JS Prom tonight

Dear Mama,

Our son, Edgar Allan, is on his JS Prom tonight. Although I wonder if he is still there now since it's already 12:02 a.m. He said he won't be coming home and they would all proceed to their classmate's house and stay there overnight. I hope he'll be fine, Mama... and I really hope he enjoyed his prom night.

As for me, still working on the book and the talk that I need to deliver in iBlog7, Mama. I really painted myself to the corner this time. I hope I would be able to finish the manuscript, and at the same time work for online income in my blogs, and deliver the talk about writer's block with flying colors. I wish.

Anyway, I'm really sleepy now. I was just waiting for Edgar to text me, but until now he hasn't sent any message. I have been restraining myself to text him because I don't want him being disturbed and feel that I was breathing behind his shoulders. I really hoped he enjoyed the night.

Well, take care of yourself, Mama. I really miss you... I love you, Mama.