Monday, February 6, 2012

Is this still making sense?

Dear Mama,

Is this still making sense? I mean, me writing you all these letters and keeping you updated on what’s happening with me, the kids, the people that we know… everything! While believing that you’re actually reading them. What is the point of all these? Why was I writing to you in the first place? You’re supposed to be resting, Mama while I have to proceed and continue for the sake of our kids.

I’m sorry, Mama. I don’t know. It seems that nothing is going well with me as of late. I’m barely hanging on, Mama. I’m almost losing it… unfortunately I can’t. I have to be strong. Or put up a strong front, at least. But, what is really the sense of going on? Alone?

I’m really tired, Mama. I can’t make anything of all these things happening right now. I don’t even know what to say! I don’t know what questions to ask… what to pray for… where to go… what to do. Why am I even here, Mama?!

What should I do now, Mama? What should I do?