Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Leaving the hospital

Dear Mama,

I will be leaving my job again because I will be transferring to a new one. I'll be submitting my resignation letter today, Mama and then I'll only be staying here for a month. I do hope it is a right decision. Angel said I should leave. She wants me to be an accountant, which is what I will be doing in my new job.

Had a brief interview last night with my future employer. There were no formal discussions whether I was hired or how much the salary would be. But we just discussed my work - what is expected of me, what I should do, my resources, etc. He even gave a sample work to study and told me that we would discuss it next time we meet.

Actually, I've been wanting to leave the hospital, Mama. Not because of my workload or salary... but because of "her." Everything seems to get difficult everyday. I don't like to get my work affected, but it's inevitable. So I guess this new job is the sign that I've been waiting for. I'm really praying it's a good decision, Mama.

Well, that will be all for now Mama. Please take care of yourself. I miss you, Mama.

I love you.