Friday, September 10, 2010

Ralph and I are okay

Dear Mama,

Ralph and I are okay now. I was the first one to talk to him though, I figured I am the older one and should be the one to understand. I hope he was also able to contemplate on what happened to us, Mama. I want him to grow up responsible. But I still feel sorry about hitting him, Mama. I wish I didn't do it.

It will be his birthday on Tuesday, Mama. I still don't have a gift for him. I'm not sure if I would be able to squeeze it on the budget. But I'll try to see that I can, Mama, it's Ralph after all. You know how I love my son, and how I go out of my way just to do things for him.

Anyway, I have more house chores to do Mama. I am not working today, so I better catch up on cleaning the house. Until next letter Mama. Take care of yourself. I love you, Mama. I miss you.