Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dear Mama,

Good morning. I'm here at the office early. Angel is already in school. She was absent for two days, Mama. It's because of her monthly visit. I hope she'll be fine today and won't be sent home like what happened last Monday.

It's the middle of the week, and thus far no good news has come to us. Well, at least we're alive and fighting. I'm sorry, Mama. I'm not being sarcastic nor am I complaining. It's just that I'm getting too weary and there's nothing I can do about it.

Anyway, I'll cut that before I start whining again. Ralph and Edgar are fine, I hope. They're not complaining, although they both mentioned extra payments that they needed to do this week. Last night I was not feeling well. I felt dizzy after eating. I felt sleepy although I was afraid to sleep because it's not the usual feeling of just being sleepy. My head was aching and so was the back of my neck and shoulders. But I'm writing you this letter now, that means I'm okay now, Mama.

I'm talking nonsense, I know. So I guess I better stop before I annoy you. I better get to work. Take care of yourself, Mama. I miss you.

I love you.