Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy new year Mama

Dear Mama,

Happy new year! We were able to celebrate the new year with our simple Medya Noche, Mama. I cooked chicken wings and street foods for the kids. I also prepared chocolate refrigerator cake for them. We did not  buy any noisemaker nor firecrackers. After the meal, the kids went to sleep. It was really simple, Mama.

Right now, I'm at an Internet cafe. I still have my Internet connection at home, unfortunately my computer isn't working. It looks like it really needs to be replaced. That means it may take a while before I could access the Internet at home again. Which is also the reason why I haven't written any letter to you these past few days.

I'm out of work again, Mama. My fear was true. I made a mistake. I'm sorry, Mama. I wish I can find another source of income soon.

Anyway, I'll stop my letter here Mama. I'll write again soon. I promise. I miss you, Mama. Take care of yourself.

I love you.