Monday, January 7, 2013

My first kare-kare and Angel's birthday

Dear Mama,

Still writing from the Internet shop right now. My PC at home is still not repaired because it might need new parts for replacement and I don't have spare money for that. I still do not have work and I only have enough money to spend for our needs this week.  After that, may God help us next week Mama.

Anyway, last Sunday I finally cooked the kare-kare that Edgar was requesting. Although it was sort of improvised. I used pork meats instead of ox tail, I did not put banana blossom and pechay because I was not able to find them in the neighborhood stores. I also used mama sita instead of peanut butter, Mama. Well, it tasted like kare-kare and I saw that Edgar was satisfied because he ate all the kare-kare sauce. He was the one left on the table when we were all finished eating. I plan to cook seafood kare-kare next time, Mama. That is of course, if I can have the money to buy the ingredients.

Tomorrow is Angel's birthday. Our baby will be turning 15, Mama. She is growing up fast. Of course, she is growing to be a beautiful young lady. I asked her if she wanted me to cook something for her birthday and she requested spaghetti. The kids really like my spaghetti Mama, because the sauce is very meaty. It's fine with me, except that she said she will be inviting 3 or 4 of her friends. I hope my spaghetti will be good enough for them too.

You know Mama, during times like this, I remember your cousin Atching Ledy. She said she's going to pay her debts with you when came during your wake. But after the interment, I never saw nor heard from her again. I hope she remembers her promise. It's more than 4 years. I could use those money for the kids.

Will be ending my letter now, Mama. Will try to look for some opportunities online. I hope some good news will come to us soon. Take care of yourself, Mama. I miss you.

I love you.