Friday, November 14, 2014

Dear Mama,

Good morning. I just came home from the supermarket to buy some groceries. Angel and Edgar are still sleeping, Ralph did not go home this weekend because they have a seminar today. I just told him to rest instead of travelling home tonight and leaving again tomorrow morning. It will be your birthday in 2-week's time, Mama. I wish you're still here with us so we can celebrate it together. If only the opportunities that are coming to me now came when you were still here, perhaps I could have taken better care of you then, provided you all that you needed, and you would still be here with us now, Mama. I'm really sorry I was not able to take good care of you then.

I think I will just continue my letter some other time, Mama. I do not like the tone this letter is going. I'm sorry, Mama. I'm just missing you. Take care of yourself, Mama.

I love you.