Saturday, February 6, 2010

How should I greet you on Valentine's Day?

Dear Mama,

Valentine's Day is here, and I really don't know if I should greet you or not. I can greet you on other occasions = birthday, Christmas, New Year, Mother's day and anniversaries. But how am I supposed to greet you on Valentine's Day Mama?

I can't think of any appropriate greeting for you on that day!

I can't greet you a happy valentine's day, because I know it is not. How can it be, when I always remember it to be the day that you left me, Mama. It will never be a happy valentine for me and you... ever.

I am just hoping that you are well now Mama. Me, I'm still trying to cope up. Every now and then bouts with anxiety still manage to get into my system. I still miss you Mama. I still think of you a lot. I want to be with you, sooner if possible.

Sorry. I know I'm not supposed to say that, I still need to look after the kids. I'm sorry, Mama.

Take care of yourself now.

I love you Mama.