Sunday, May 16, 2010

Edgar's enrollment tomorrow

Dear Mama,

I was about to sleep when I remembered that I haven't talked to you for quite a while. I'm sorry for that Mama. I'm just getting disoriented lately, again.

Tomorrow, I will be enrolling Edgar. He is in his fourth year now, Mama. He and Angel will both be graduating this school year. Ralph would need three more years to finish his course. I will also be enrolling Ralph tomorrow. Angel is already enrolled. I enrolled her last week, Mama. Tomorrow, I'll be buying her books.

It's difficult, Mama. Doing all these things without you helping me. I must admit that I'm still not used to it. I am just lucky to get by. I don't know how long though.

Well, I guess that will be all for now. Take care of yourself, Mama. I miss you.

I love you.