Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy anniversary, Mama

Dear Mama,

Happy anniversary!

Do you still remember how we started? You were hesitant, but you wanted to help me then, you thought I was brokenhearted. That's why you said yes. I hope you did not regret that decision, Mama. I knew that what you felt for me then was just sympathy. That's why I tried really hard to prove myself to you.

And I'm glad you saw it, Mama. That was why you choose to be with me forever.

Thank you, Mama. Thank you for giving me the chance. Thank you for allowing the love to grow in your heart and being the best girlfriend a boy could have, and eventually being the best wife a husband could ask for. Thank you, Mama. Thank you for your love.

Happy anniversary, Mama. I love you.

I miss you, Mama.