Sunday, October 24, 2010

A bout with fever

Dear Mama,

Here I am again, writing another late letter. You know it doesn't mean that I think of you less when I don't write as often. I just have too many things on my mind, and that I don't want to bother you with my whining and negativity anymore.

I've been sick since Friday evening, Mama. Not really sick actually, but I was not feeling well. I feel cold and weak. I was taking medicines, although sometime I forgot to follow it up after 4 hours. I still don't feel really well, but at least I am much better than I was yesterday.

By the way, I got good news for you, Mama. Ralph was included in the Dean's List this semester. I'm so happy because at last he has proven something. I am asking him to be consistent with that, Mama. He is trying his best. I can see that. I hope he stays focus.

That will be all for now, Mama. If you can visit and help me get well, I would appreciate it. I miss you Mama and I miss how you took care of me when I was sick then. Anyway, before I start again, goodbye for now, Mama. Take care of yourself.

I love you.