Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dear Mama,

Hi! I hope your are fine as you read this letter. Sorry (again) for not writing as much as I used to do. I'm just too distracted with a lot of things, I just wish I could get everything in order and focus on my priorities. Anyway, I wouldn't want to start writing negatives or whine again, Mama. I know you had too much of it when you were still here, I just hope I won't be writing any of it now.

Mama, there is another songwriting contest that I have seen, and I was thinking if I would join or not. I would like to, but I am afraid. It could just be another futile effort for me. I know, those who will join the contest are very good, and I might not even make it to the top 500. I really would like to give it a try, but I'm having second thoughts, Mama. Please help me.

That's all really I want to say right now, Mama. It's another opportunity for me to fulfill a dream... if only I can muster enough courage.

Anyway, take care of yourself, Mama. I really miss you. I love you, Mama.