Friday, December 17, 2010

Excited for my new book

Dear Mama,

I guess you already know by now, I have a new book coming out. Well, it's not really my book, but a collection of stories and my stories are included in those be selected to be included in the book. I hope you're proud of me, Mama. Maybe next time, it will be my own book of poems and short stories haha... here I go again with my wishful thinking, Mama.

Anyway, it's almost Christmas and I am still not prepared. Was too busy these past few days, Mama. I am really stressed, I wish I could hug you so I would feel better. I really miss  you Mama. I wish you're still with us and we can celebrate the season together.

Oh well, here I go again. I'm sorry Mama. Don't worry about the kids, they're doing fine. I promise to take good care of them, the best way that I can. Take care of yourself Mama. I really, really miss you.

I love you.