Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy new year, Mama!

Dear Mama,

Happy new year! I'm sorry. I know it's already the second day of the new year and my last letter to you was last Christmas. It's only now that I was able to have access to the Internet. Just like in previous New Year celebrations, I didn't really prepare for it. We did not have parties or anything, just a simple Medya Noche shared with the kids.

I was so proud of myself, Mama. I made macaroni salad for our Medya Noche, and it wasn't that bad. Actually, Angel gave it a thumbs up. I don't want to brag, Mama... but hey! It was really good! To think it was my first attempt and I even lacked some green ingredients. I know, you were guiding me then, Mama.

Meanwhile, Angel made desserts for us. She bought cupcakes and colorful candies, arranged them each in plates and they looked deliciously cute. I'm sure, you would be proud of your daughter, Mama.

Then, that was it. After eating and a little rest, the kids went to sleep. It was the simplest New Year celebration we had. I promise to make up for it next year. So, until my next letter. Take care of yourself, Mama. I miss you.

I love you.