Sunday, June 10, 2012

Down... and up... down again...

Dear Mama,

This is tiring. Feeling up and all hyped up one moment, and then down and so low the next. It's crazy, I know. If only you were here Mama, I could just hold your hands or ask for a hug, and I would actually feel better. But as it is, you are not here Mama. I'm all alone. Ironically, one of the reasons of this low feeling is the pursuit of someone to fill the void you left. Am I being selfish, Mama?

Don't worry, Mama. The kids' welfare are not being sacrificed. They are still being taken care of. They are still my priority, just as I promised you. I will never put them second to none. Not even to her who would not even look my way.

But you know my feelings, Mama. You know the truth. I'm sure you know the sincerity in me.

I really wish I can hold your hands and hug you right now, Mama. I miss you.

Take care.

I love you.