Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Will it ever get better?

Dear Mama,

Tomorrow, Edgar will be enrolled. Although I won't be able to pay the full entrance fee required, but I hope he will be enrolled. Ralph will also get his class schedule tomorrow and talk to the dean so that his OJT would be reconsidered. Otherwise, I would have to pay another P5,000 for his OJT fee this semester and he will be having his hands full attending it instead of just focusing on his academics.

I thought I will be okay for a while. Unfortunately, Angel will be having their exams on November 16. That means I need to pay again for her tuition fee. Looks like I will be signing another promissory note.

When will this end? To think I do not have any vices and no unnecessary expenses. Our only indulgence is food, Mama. You know that, right? Should I cut on it too? I already cut my coffee. In fact, I didn't buy coffee when my stock run out.

I'm not complaining, Mama. I'm sorry. I'm trying to be strong and hopefully I will make it and let all our kids finished their schooling. I will do everything I can to fulfill my promise to you, Mama. I'm sorry if I am whining sometimes.

I wish I can hold your hands or embrace you right now. I really need it... I miss you, Mama.

I love you.