Monday, June 3, 2013

Dear Mama,

We still haven't received our salary yesterday although it was promised, as it has always been. My interest and penalties on my loans are piling up. I'm sorry I had to resort to borrowing money with interest again, Mama. I just need to find some means to support our kids' needs. I'm worried now about Ralph who is in Manila for his review because I only gave him a small amount for his allowance. Although in his last text, he said he's doing fine. If for anything, I think this is a good time for him to learn managing his finances.

I saw Lauro today at the jeepney I was riding on my way to work. He said Apo is now in Sta. Teresita, Angel has been wanting to see her but she wasn't staying there before. This weekend I will ask Angel if she wants to visit Apo.

I also asked Angel the other day Mama if it would be okay if I pay Atching Ledy a visit. She replied that it is not and added that it should be Atching Ledy who should be ashamed because we never heard again from her since you went home. Angel also said she'll go with me so she will be the one to tell her.

Honestly Mama, I am not really expecting those money she owe you but at this time I know the kids need them, especially Ralph.

I'm sorry Mama. All I think about is money lately. Well, I'm still adjusting now that Ralph is no longer living with us. Angel and Edgar seem to be adapting well. As usual, it's always me who is having a problem adjusting.

Anyway, I've said a mouthful already. I guess I will stop for now. Take care of yourself, Mama. I miss you.

I love you.