Monday, August 4, 2014

Dear Mama,

Hi. It’s been a while, I know I promised not to disturb you anymore but as you can see, there is really no one I can turn to right now. Nothing’s wrong, Mama. Don’t you worry, everything’s fine. I just needed someone to talk to.

The kids are I are doing fine, Mama. Ralph is enjoying his stay in Makati, he rarely goes home these days. Edgar is also very busy with his position as an associate editor in their school, and Angel is getting a boost in her new career as a stage play actress. Kids are busy these days, Mama. They’re all doing fine, don’t worry about them.

I am doing okay too, Mama. Still single, I guess that is how it will be until we get to meet again. I really hope that would happen soon. I really do not have much to say, Mama. I just want to say hi and I miss you. I hope it’s okay if I will start writing you letters again. I miss you, Mama. I really do.

I love you, Mama.