Monday, September 29, 2014

Dear Mama,

Angel left me a note this morning, she said she won't go to school today because she's not feeling well. I did not wake her up and just let her sleep. She said she was feeling dizzy yesterday, I hope she will be fine and this absences won't affect her grades.

Edgar did not sleep the whole night. I found him this morning still working on their magazine. I hope he won't get sick, Mama. He's been very busy these past weeks. Ralph, I guess, is fine. He said he is finally decided and will stay in SGV for while. I respect his decision. He will learn a lot there.

I am excited Mama. My second book Plethora is now finished and is now available online. Initially, it will be available through Create Space, but within 5 days it will also be available in Amazon. I am nervous, Mama. Will somebody actually buy my book online? Will they appreciate it? I think I am even more nervous now than I was when I published REFLECTION. Wish me luck, Mama. I need it.

If only you were here, I'm sure you will be proud of me. I miss you, Mama. Please take care of yourself.

I love you.