Saturday, August 22, 2015

Dear Mama,

Angel and I just arrived home, we went out this afternoon because she asked me to help get her hair trimmed. She just choose a random parlor because she does not know any place yet as she seldom go to the parlor. This is just the second time, I guess. The first time, her brother Edgar was with her. It's my first to go with her, and I know it won't be the last.

Used to be that she would go to Sta. Teresita and they would help her to a neighborhood hair cutter, but she wants to go and find her own hairdresser now. Maybe soon she will be finding a regular parlor or person to go to. As I was sitting there waiting for her, I remember when I was helping you then go to the parlor, Mama. Now, I am helping Angel. I was smiling, and I was thinking... it would have been nice if I am with you two together.

I guess I will always be thinking of what could have been, Mama. It will not go away. Whether it is an occasion of sadness or happiness, or even in simple daily moments like Angel's trip to the parlor... I will always wish that you are still here with us. It could have been better... everything would have been better.

I miss you, Mama... I love you.