Thursday, August 6, 2015

Dear Mama,

Angel was already well this morning and she was able to go to school. I'm glad she recovered quickly, thank you for making her well, Mama. Now she can attend their acquaintance party tomorrow. This afternoon, we met at Nepo Mall so I could buy her shoes she'll wear tomorrow. Unfortunately, she cannot find the shoes that she wants. We went to Robinsons in Balibago, and eventually to SM Clark to look for her shoes. I was even willing to buy her expensive shoes even if it would tighten our budget. The problem is, she cannot find one in her size. 

Angel was so sad and frustrated, Mama. I feel sorry for her. If only she has a mother that could assist her in things like this, maybe she was able to find the shoes that she needs for tomorrow's party. We searched for almost 3 hours, but we were not able to find anything. I'm sorry, Mama. I was not much of help to our baby.

If only she still has her mother...