Sunday, August 23, 2015

Dear Mama,

Just finished ironing the school uniforms of Edgar and Angel, tomorrow's the start of another school week. Ralph is already in Makati now, Mama. He'll be back for his birthday 3 weeks from now. So far things are going fine, Mama.

I just saw a video of pictures slide of the UAPAC choir, Mama. Somebody shared it on Facebook and I watched it with Angel. I told her you are in those pictures. She saw the young you, Mama. I told her you were very active in the choir then, in fact, you were one of the soloists. I was smiling as I was watching the video, Mama. I saw you... so young and so beautiful. I was really a lucky man that you choose me to love. Thank you for giving me a chance, Mama.

I miss you now, more than ever, Mama.

I love you.