Saturday, October 10, 2009

Edgar's intrams experience

Dear Mama,

Edgar came home early last Friday from school. It was their intrams, and like I told you before, he played in the sepak takraw. I asked him how was the game, he said they got third place. Well, at least they didn't get fourth which is the last. He said he'll be playing again next year and he'll make sure they'll win.

How are you Mama? You're birthday is next month. What do you want us to do on your birthday?

Tomorrow is the fiesta in Angeles City, I don't know why, but I told the kids that I would let them go to their Apo if they want to. I even told them I will accompany them. I hope I made the right decision Mama.

I really don't know what to say here Mama. I wish I was really talking to you. I miss you Mama.

Take care of yourself.

I love you.