Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Angel is now No. 4

Dear Mama,

I wasn't able to go to school yesterday to get Angel's report card because I was not able to leave the office early. Which was very unfortunate because Angel is now ranked No. 4 in her class. Last grading period period, she was No. 5. I know it would have made her happier and proud if I was able to be there for her. Of course I am proud of our baby, Mama. She is really doing her best to improve her performance in school. She is doing everything she can. And I'm happy that she is getting noticed, not for anything, but I'm sure it will improve her self-confidence, Mama.

Mama, today is February 14, the day that I wouldn't know how to greet you. It's Valentine's Day but you know it's everything but happy to me. It was the day you left us, 4 years ago. No, I'm not complaining nor blaming you, Mama. I'm just saying that I don't know how to greet you.

I hope you're okay, Mama. Don't worry about us, we're fine. I'm coping with whatever life gives or denies me.

I know I've already sent you this song, but let me send it once again, Mama. I hope you like.

I really wish I can see you smile again, Mama. I miss you. Take care, Mama.

I love you.