Monday, February 4, 2013

Edgar and Angel have exam permits

Dear Mama,

I was able to get the exam permits of Edgar and Angel this morning. They will be both having their examinations this week. Fortunately, our money was just enough for their tuition fee installment due. Unfortunately, however, it left me too little to spend until the next money arrive... which I really can't tell when, given our situation right now.

Ralph will be having their midterm exams next week, and I already told him that I won't be able to pay for his dues and asked him if his teachers were checking for permits. He said he can take the exam even without permit. I hope so, Mama. Also, I still haven't paid Blez my loan that was coursed through her. They still won't give us the money due to us.

I'm sorry for bothering you with these money problems, Mama. I'm just venting out. There's really no other here I can talk to. No one to help me either. I can only pray for miracle since I don't have stuffs I can sell at home.

Anyway, I'm sure things will get better for us soon... I hope, for the kids at least. I know you're helping me pray for that, Mama. Ralph is excited for his review class. It will his first taste of complete independence as he will be staying in Manila for about 5 months. I hope he can take care of himself. Angel is doing well in school, although she has some complaints about the system. You know, typical things that make a student feel that there's 'injustice' in the system. I was asking her if she wanted me to go to school, she told me no. She said she just wants me to listen.

Well, I guess that will be all for now Mama. Edgar is good as well, by the way. Looks like he has a good circle of friends he is hanging out with. And his studies seem to be going well too. So, that's it for now, Mama. Take care of yourself.

I miss you, Mama.

I love you.