Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dear Mama,

I'm sorry if I write you a letter in this tone again. I am worried about our son Ralph who is in Manila. He may not be saying it, but I know he already doesn't have any money Mama. The problem is I can't send him any because until now we haven't receive our salary yet. His monthly rental on the dormitory is also already due, Mama. I am just praying for miracles that somehow they find it in their hearts to pay us what is due to us.

As for the two kids, Edgar and Angel, since they're here with me, at least I can do something about their needs. Although what I'm giving them is not really enough.

I always ask myself, Mama... why did I let myself fall into this situation? Why do I always find myself being with inconsiderate and selfish people? When will I finally be able find my true worth and be respected, Mama? Am I really such a born loser?

I'm sorry, Mama... I'm sorry for failing you. I'll stop now.

I love you.