Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dear Mama,

It's almost midnight... and it's raining. I wish you're here right now, Mama. Edgar and Angel are already sleeping. It's Ralph's first day of pre-board exam today, he's going to have another one tomorrow. I haven't heard from him the whole day, Mama. I didn't call him nor text him too. I don't know if it would be helpful to always check him, but I plan to call him tomorrow after his exams. At least he would be relaxed by that time, Mama.

Well, I really do not have much to say, Mama. I still do not have any good news, and I'm sure you know what I mean. Still waiting for a miracle, Mama... although I do not know it will come from.

I guess that will be all for now. Take care of yourself, Mama. I miss you. Hug me in my dreams, Mama.

I love you.