Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dear Mama,

Yesterday and this morning, I was able to make Angel happy. I made a bento art for her school lunch yesterday, Mama. It was a sleeping bear which I learned from watching videos in the Internet. She loved it, Mama! It was very fulfilling to see our Angel happy. Today, for her school lunch, I made sushi rolls for her. Again, she loved them.

The problem I have now is I am running out of ideas, Mama. I wish I can do more and surprise her. I really love seeing her so happy every time I was able to prepare something special for her. They're having their test now, I hope her happiness will reflect on her exams.

Ralph said he'll go home today, Mama. Help me pray for his safe travel. Edgar will also have his exam this afternoon.

That will be it for now, Mama. I just wanted to tell you how happy Angel was yesterday and this morning. I miss you, Mama. I wish you're here. Take care of yourself.

I love you, Mama.