Saturday, July 6, 2013

time out with the kids

Dear Mama,

I had a nice time with kids this afternoon... well, almost. Angel and Ralph awee always fighting again, but I'm trying not to let it ruin our day, Mama. Went out with the kids and spent the whole afternoon, until evening, at SM Clark. We just had some food tripping, Mama. We ate shawarma, pretzels, ice cream and Korean food.

It was my idea, Mama. I needed to get out. I felt depressed of what's happening to us and there's nothing I can do. If I stayed home, I might just vent it out with the kids, so I just asked them to go out so I will be diverted from my problems. Edgar joined us, but he never stayed because he was with his friends.

Of course, it didn't solve my problems but at least the kids and I are happy for that moment. I wish you were with us, Mama. It would have been a happier family time if you were there. I miss you, Mama. And I miss you more every time we go out like this. I was always dreaming of the time when you were still with us and we would all go out. We won't even wait for any occasion, we just wanted to because we wanted to be happy.

I miss you, Mama. I really do.

Take care of yourself, Mama. I love you.