Saturday, November 14, 2009

I didn't not attend the reunion tonight

Dear Mama,

I was supposed to attend our high school reunion tonight. I have already talked to the kids and asked them if I can leave them to attend the event. They all said yes, and that I should not worry. Ralph is now feeling better Mama, and Edgar who had a slight fever in the morning was also well in the afternoon.

So I cooked their dinner in the afternoon, and told them to eat while I wash the utensils I used.

But as I was about to finish washing, I heard Ralph and Angel arguing again, with Angel almost shouting. Now, this really frustrates me Mama. How can I even attend the reunion, when I know I can't even leave the kids for a while?

Why are they always fighting Mama? What should I do so I can make them cooperate with each other? It looks like Ralph and Angel are having a hard time to co-exist. Am I such a bad father Mama? It's like I'm not teaching them anything.

In my frustration, I decided not to leave anymore Mama. I guess, I shouldn't really leave the kids all alone. I'm sorry for even planning to attend the event Mama.

If only you were, at least they would have a good role model, and perhaps they will treat each other better. I really wish you were here Mama... I do.

Take care of yourself Mama. I miss you.

I love you.