Sunday, July 15, 2012

Are all men really the same?

Dear Mama,

Am at the office now. It's lunch break although I am not really taking my lunch. I don't usually open my account here, but the computer at home needed reformatting and I have yet to pick it up tonight.

It was such a bad week last week, Mama. I hope this week will be better. Gail still isn't talking to me. Although to be honest, I haven't really initiated any attempt to communicate with her. I am afraid, Mama. She might still be upset with me. I know, I really do not have a chance with her... but why am I still holding on, Mama?

Are all men really the same? I heard that again last week from a friend. That truth that was staring me. I really  wish I would be given a chance, Mama. Anyway, I guess it's all for the better so I can look after the kids.

Oh well, looks like I am just answering my own questions. I hope I can really talk to you. I could use a hug right now, Mama.

Take care of yourself now. I miss you, Mama.

I love you.