Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Angel at Top 5!

Dear Mama,

You know what? Angel is in the Top 5 of her class! Yes Mama! Our baby is Rank No. 5 in her class! I was really surprised, Mama. Although I can see how hard she is working on her studies, I was not really expecting her to reach that high. You know how we don't want to push our children and just enjoy their studies, as long as they pass. Of course, that is a welcome news Mama. I hope it will motivate her to take her schooling even more seriously. I am still thinking of what reward I am going to give our baby, Mama.

This morning Mama, when I woke Angel up to prepare for school, she told me she dreamed about you. So instead of hurrying her up, I sat on her bed to hear her story. She said she was in an orphanage and according to the people there, you were one of the benefactors there. The man said you have already donated more than P60,000 there, and that you left somethings with them and told them to give those to your children.

Angel introduced herself as your youngest daughter, and they gave her several boxes. When Angel opened the boxes, she recognized your things. There were also some money inside the boxes. Angel was puzzled. First, she was asking me why did you have money to donate to orphanage? And how did those boxes get there?

Of course, I cannot answer her about the boxes. But as to the donations, I told her it was really your nature to help others. And that even if you have no money, you will find some ways, even borrowing money from others just so you can give to those who come to you.

Then Angel said, she never saw you in her dream Mama. But she said she felt your presence. I just smiled at her. I was actually envious. I am happy though, that she dreamed of you, Mama. And I guess, it was good dream, because it showed how kindhearted you really are.

Her dream only made miss you even more, Mama. How I wish I would dream of you too. Anyway, your birthday's near and I am thinking of how we are going to celebrate it, Mama. Of course, I am preparing something special you. I hope you will like it, Mama.

So I guess, that will be all for now. Take care of yourself, Mama. I love you.