Monday, November 12, 2012

Running out of luck

Dear Mama,

I think I run out of luck. I don't know how we will go about tomorrow's needs, unless of course I go to Nanay's house again, making me more the loser that I am.

What will I do, Mama? I don't know where else to go. And I thought everything will be easy. I guess not, Mama. Things are harder, to be honest... because now I have to face them all by myself. I used to know what to do before, or at least I would have you around to ask.

But now... it's just me by my lonesome. I'm trying to survive, Mama. I'm trying my best.

I hope I can rely on more than just luck and sympathy.

It is tiring, Mama.


P.S. I love you, Mama.