Sunday, May 17, 2015

Dear Mama,

I went to La Pieta this afternoon to run, and of course to visit you. I planned on making 4 rounds but I managed to make only 3. On my last round, I just walked. I don't know why, Mama. I did not have the strength nor the zest to run. I cannot help but think of what I mentioned to you in my previous letter.

Maybe I deserve that. Maybe I may not be aware of it, but I am really a bad person. Or I am really monster-ugly that I scare people away. Whatever, as much as I do not want to be affected, it bothers me, Mama. It's hurting me. I'm sorry.

I wish you were here, Mama. None of this would happen to me if only you were here. I really wish you were here, Mama. I need you.