Thursday, May 7, 2015

Dear Mama,

It's half-past night. I'm officially 47, Mama.... older, but not necessarily wiser. I thought she would greet me, but that would be asking too much. Me and my wishful thinking again, Mama. I almost asked her out... almost. Of course, I did not have the courage to approach her. I wish I did.

Anyway, what am I talking about? I should just be I have our kids. Your greatest gift to me, Mama. I will be celebrating with them later. Ralph will come home this morning. They are complete for my birthday. That, I guess, is the best birthday gift a father can have.

I will be sleeping in a while, Mama. I just thought I'd wait until my birthday, just like what we were doing then. Thank you very much for everything, Mama. For all the love and understanding that you gave me when you were still here. I miss you, Mama.

I love you.