Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dear Mama,

Angel is already enrolled for the second semester, but she was not able to pay in full. Quite sad, considering that she is only paying for the miscellaneous. Unfortunately, the money I gave her was not enough. At least she is already enrolled and I have until Monday to pay the balance for the miscellaneous.

Edgar's enrollment is also this week, but as I've said before we won't be receiving our salary until late this week. He will be enrolled late, unfortunately. But he will be enrolled, Mama. It is his last semester and he will be graduating next year.

Ralph is doing fine, I think. He will be going home this Friday. I asked him to take a leave because it is Fiestang Apu here and also the death anniversary of Tatay. We will be having lunch at Sta. Teresita. He might not be able to go to La Pieta on November 1, Mama. We will just go there earlier. November 2 is not a holiday, so he has to leave for Manila this Sunday.

As for me, I'm okay, Mama. A little bit weary, but when was I not? It's always been this way, I get through every time. Nothing new, Mama.

Well, I guess that will be all for now. I miss you, Mama.

I love you.