Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy anniversary, Mama

Dear Mama,

Happy anniversary! Today is our 18th wedding anniversary, and I'm very thankful that you were the one God gave me as my wife and the mother of my children. I know, I have not been the perfect husband and have disappointed you once too many. Yet, through all those years Mama, you stood by me, especially on those times when I needed you most. Your understanding was always there.

I thank you Mama for being always there, for bringing out the best in me while being patient for all my imperfections. All those faith in me are what has given me strength until this day, Mama. A guide that I carry with me as I rear the kids, and try my best to nurture them as if you were still here. It's a tall order Mama, but I'm trying. It's the least I could do for all the love and understanding that you have given me.

On occasions like this, while I try to celebrate and be happy with the kids, I couldn't help but miss you even more Mama. I try not ruin the day with being melancholic and emotional, and you know that I'm good at keeping things to myself. But really, I miss you Mama. I really could appreciate your hug right now.

I'm sorry. I got carried away again. I'm at work at now, but I'm looking forward to celebrate the day later with the kids.

'til my next letter Mama. Happy anniversary! Thank you for everything.

I love you Mama.