Monday, December 21, 2009

Planning for our party

Dear Mama,

It's only a few days before Christmas, and I'm still not done with my planning for our Christmas party. I still don't know what to prepare - food, games, prizes, etc. And it's only three days before the party!

I want the kids to have fun, so that they would always look forward to it Mama, and hope that they would carry this tradition that you started even when I am gone.

Angel wanted me to prepare my own number too for the intermission, instead of just the three of them performing. Well, I guess, I will... just to be fair to them.

But help me Mama, guide me in the preparation, especially for the food. I still don't know what to cook. Am planning to buy again ready-to-eat foods for Noche Buena. That is if I can't figure out what to prepare Mama.

Oh well, I'm sure I can come out with something. I'll just think of what you were doing then, and hopefully pull this one. I just wish that you can join us Mama... how I really wish.

'til my next letter Mama. Take care of yourself.

I miss you Mama.

I love you.