Thursday, July 22, 2010

Trying my best....

Dear Mama,

I'm trying my best Mama. Trying my best to move on and get over the pain. It's funny that I have to go through this at my age. I never thought I was still vulnerable. If it weren't for the kids, especially Ralph, I would have lost it, Mama. It's tough, but I'm trying Mama. Please help me.

The kids are fine. Ralph is having his prelims now, until Sunday. Edgar was sick yesterday, but he is fine now. Angel is active in her dance club. I know she's enjoying it, that's why I just let her.

I miss you, Mama. I miss those times when we were going out, all five of us. We were so happy then, especially when it's eating time. There was always someone tasting what the other ordered. It's still like that until now, Mama. Everytime the kids and I go out, they're still the same. Of course, we're no longer complete. The kids don't seem to mind... but I do.

Anyway, take care of yourself Mama. Will be holding on for the kids.

I love you Mama.