Wednesday, October 19, 2011

About Angel

Dear Mama,

I filed a half-day leave today because Angel is sick. The school texted me this morning and asked me to pick her up, and she was in the clinic because of headache and stomach pains. Good thing Edgar is on sem-break so I called him to pick Angel up from school, after which I filed my leave for the afternoon.

And while I was waiting for the first half of the day to be over, I was very nervous. I can't even think well. I was very much worried about Angel. I can't shake the thought of dengue off my mind, especially because there are lots of cases in the hospital. Before I left the hospital to go home, I passed by the chapel to say a prayer, Mama. I just hope He heard me.

Angel seems to be fine now, Mama. Although I still can't shake the anxiety. I don't know. She still complains of a stubborn stomach ache. Please help me take care of her, Mama. I would like to take her to the doctor, but payday's too far away, and we don't have money now. I am still not qualified to avail of the privileges in the hospital because I am still under probation.

She will also be on a costume parade on Saturday, Mama. Hopes she gets well in time, so she can join. Her costume has already been taken care of by a friend, and we will pick it up on Friday. By the way, the TV show that I told you in previous letters also gave Angel a college scholarship, Mama. While I do not complain, I cannot really appreciate it right now. She is still in first year high school, and I don't know if I can manage to help her make it through high school. Just being honest, Mama. Of course, I will do my best.

I've said quite a mouthful and have disturbed you so much. So I'll end my letter here, Mama… for the meantime. Do take care of yourself. I miss you, Mama.

I love you.