Saturday, October 22, 2011

Someone actually listened!

Dear Mama,

I was surprised this morning while I was waiting for Angel at SM Clark. You knew today was the UN Day parade, right? And she was Miss Korea. I walking to and from, looking for a place to wait for her near the stage, when I noticed a woman, who I later learned was a teacher, and her student pointing at me.

They approached me and asked me if they can have their pictures taken with me, Mama. I was surprised. Of course, I'm just a nobody, Mama. Why would anyone want to have their pictures taken with a simpleton like me? Apparently, their school was present during the awarding of the inter-school short story writing contest last August, Mama. The student was one of the finalist.

If you remember, I was the guest speaker during that event. The teacher said she was inspired by my talk, and that she is planning to publish her own book someday too. It was the first affirmation I received since that talk, Mama, and it came from nobody I never knew. It felt good that someone was actually listening to me then, Mama... that somehow, I was able to inspire others.

For all the depressions and anxieties I've been experiencing lately, Mama, I could really use a "lift-upper" like that. At least it gives me an impression that I am not totally pathetic after all. I hope I'm making you proud, Mama. If only you were here, and as I tell you this in person, I'm sure I'm going to get a hug from you. I really could use a hug right now, Mama.

Oh well, I'm just bragging here, just to boost my ego. I'm sure it will deflate again soon. Take care of yourself, Mama. I miss you. I really do, Mama.

I love you.