Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Angel was not able to enroll

Dear Mama,

I'm really sorry. Angel was not able to enroll for the summer dance lesson in their school, Mama. She went to school today with her classmate. She said the fee is only P1,000. I actually have P800 only, fortunately, Ralph lent me P200 to make it an even P1,000.

I gave the money to Angel so she can enroll, even if those were the last money I have and it still far from the next payday. I'm sure we'll find some means.

Unfortunately, Mama, when Angel reached school, the fee for the dance lesson is P2,000 and not P1,000 and Angel knew. Because of that, she wasn't able to enroll, Mama. I knew she was disappointed, even if she told me it was okay.

I'm sorry, Mama. I thought I could let her enroll. There's just not enough money for Angel's summer class. I hope you understand, Mama. I'm really sorry.

Time to go now. I'll be with you soon, Mama. I miss you.

I love you.