Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ralph almost made it to the Dean's List

Dear Mama,

Ralph almost made it to the Dean's List this last semester. When he got his grades, most of them were 1.25 to 1.75, the only exception were his accounting subject which was 2.25 and another one which was 2.0. Too bad, if it weren't for the 2.25, he would be assured to be included in the DL. I would be very proud, if ever, but aside from that, it would really give him a boost, Mama and I'm he'll try even harder next semester.

Oh well, he did his best, Mama. I can see him exerting efforts. Ralph is getting serious in his studies now, Mama. I hope he keeps it up and maybe next semester, he might even make it to the President's List. We both know he is very much capable, Mama. But I don't want to pressure him. Getting recognition has never been my priority, you know that.

By the way, Edgar isn't here with us now. He's with his classmates in Villa Alfredo's where they are having their closing party. They will stay overnight there. I hope he's fine. Please take care of him, Mama.

Angel, on the other hand, is staying at home... and eating a lot. She is getting "chubbier" and I'm always telling her, but she won't believe. Anyway, she's still young. It's still okay to be on the fat side. I'm sure, she'll decide to reduce in due time.

As for me, still weary and tired. Still waiting to be with you again, Mama... if only I can.

Well, take of yourself Mama. I miss you.

I love you.